Very nice app. I was looking for something like Flipboard for Chrome OS, and this fits the bill.

Alejandro P. - Chrome Web Store user

Find Content -> Pocket -> Sort -> Share. Has made content mining and sharing WAY easy! It has taken, literally, hours out of my work day! Love it!

Blake M. - Chrome Web Store user

Greatest aggregator since, well since the history of ever.

Bill M. - Chrome Web Store user

I loved Google Reader and missed it until I found Good News. Great app!

Jeffrey S. - Chrome Web Store user

Suits my needs perfectly. I have found stories I would have missed otherwise, nice layout and easy to use.

Graham D. - Chrome Web Store user

Just some customization and voila - it's made Google News and Facebook redundant for me when it comes to news.

Scott D. - Chrome Web Store user

Like Flipboard but for the web - prefer the grid layout - I can waste time much more efficiently this way.

Wayne J. - Chrome Web Store user

I used to hate reading news for my international studies class. Excellent when paired with the Readline or Spreed extentions! Fantastic on its own!

Westley T. - Chrome Web Store user

It does exactly what it says it does in a clean and easy to use way.

Peter H. - Chrome Web Store user

Sources are world class with breadth and variety enough for the nosiest news hounds.

Grissett R. - Chrome Web Store user

Best way to customize your news intake! As a journalism student, I use this everyday to stay informed, and I love it!

Vesselina A. - Chrome Web Store user

Really great. Condenses all of the RSS sources into one, easy-to-understand page. A great "bouncing-off" point for reading news yet further.

M. D. - Chrome Web Store user

Been waiting for something like this for about 10 years. Bravo. Makes our job at the news desk here at OffComm News magazine much easier.

Georgina E. - Chrome Web Store user

Excellent and simple news aggregator of the sources I deem worthy. Perfect.

Thomas H. - Chrome Web Store user

Excellent app for staying focused on the issues most important to me without all the extraneous elliptical inexactitudes of others.

Don G. - Chrome Web Store user

Simply put, this is the best RSS reader I've ever used. Phenomenal job of organizing, and it simply looks beautiful.

Jason G. - Chrome Web Store user

I've tried a plethora of news feed apps, but this one is the most comprehensive I've found. Highly recommend!

T. C. - Chrome Web Store user

Hell of a lot better than the old Google Reader - well done!

Brent J. - Chrome Web Store user

Very nice, as good as the best tablet news apps.

Sanjiv S. - Chrome Web Store user

A must have app for morning coffee people.

Inbu S. - Chrome Web Store user

Great paradigm of "no surprises". Just does what you expect.

Martin A. - Chrome Web Store user

Terrific way to aggregate your news and favorite subjects. I visit every day.

Steven G. - Chrome Web Store user


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